Presentation Title: Myth Busters: ADF Performance Best Practices
Speaker: Mr Florin Marcus
Company: Red Samurai Consulting
Presentation abstract: How many articles, blog posts, video documentaries have you gone through, all focusing on "ADF Performance Best Practices"? It is becoming hard to understand what is wrong and what is right.

We intend to find out whether each of these 'best practice' rules is a myth or fact by using comprehensive metrics on various use cases and determine how much impact each rule really has in practice. This will be a highly practical session with great value to the attendees.

Presentation begins: 07/12/2014 13:30
Presentation duration: 50
Presentation content level: 2 (1 = indepth, 5 = strategic overview)
Audience experience: All Experience Levels
Audience function: Customer/Senior Manager, Oracle, Partner, Product Expert, Product User
Speaker biography: 
Related topics: Development: ADF / JDeveloper
Hall: 7